Lattice Breakout Board Evaluation Kits

Lattice Breakout Board Evaluation Kits

Lattice Breakout Board Set


Lattice Breakout boards significantly lower the effort and cost to adopt and evaluate PLDs. You can install, connect, and verify operating HW with pre-programed test designs in under 3 minutes.

Lattice Breakout Board Evaluation Kits for select MachXO,ispMACH 4000ZE, Power Manager II devices offer a convenient way to conduct hardware evaluations by providing easy hand-access to densely-spaced PLD I/Os. Because the center-to-center spacing of the package pins/balls of PLD modern packages can be 1.00 mm BSC (Basic Spacing between Spacing) or less, it can be very difficult to probe I/Os once a circuit board has been fabricated. The electrical traces of Lattice Breakout boards connect each I/O to header landings that have 100 mil (0.1 inch) centered holes. By adding test probes, jumper wires, or pin headers to the header landings, you can easily evaluate the sysIO Buffers of the MachXO PLD, I/O cells of the ispMACH 4000ZE CPLD, or voltage monitors, high-voltage FET drivers, and open drain outputs of the POWR1014A.

Each Breakout board is a 3” x 3” form factor and features a USB B-mini connector for power and programming, an LED array, and prototype area. All Lattice Breakout boards provide an easy-to-use platform for evaluating and designing with the MachXO 2280 PLD, ispMACH 4256ZE CPLD, or the ispPAC-POWR1014A Power Manager II. Along with the board and USB programming cable, each kit includes a pre-loaded demonstration design.

By using free Lattice design tools you may reprogram the on-board PLD device to review your own custom designs.



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