SNAP – Sonics’ Network for AMBA Protocol


SNAP – Sonics’ Network for AMBA Protocol

As the number of IP cores increases in embedded SoCs due to shrinking process design rules, current multilayer bus structures are becoming complex and arduous to design. Additionally, memory access problems can arise because there are now multiple processors competing for memory resources. Sonics addresses these inherent industry challenges—and more— with SNAP (Sonics’ Network for AMBA Protocol).

SNAP is fully compliant to the AMBA specification while providing improved bus performance with efficient power consumption. SNAP improves overall system data flow with its low latency, high- performance interconnect matrix. In addition to supporting AHB cores, SNAP supports upgraded socket protocols such as AXI and OCP. Using SNAP will get your product to market faster since it is a reusable platform with universal connectivity on the interconnect matrix, allowing the mix of new and legacy IP cores. SNAP also simplifies derivative chip designs with its ‘socket based’ design approach. By isolating each core on the matrix, SNAP provides a low-risk platform to easily reconfigure the SoC so evolving market requirements can be quickly addressed.

To configure SNAP, Sonics provides a set of low-cost, easy to use development tools. The SNAP Capture Tool provides an intuitive user interface that provides easy capture of the on-chip network design. Simply enter a few parameters about each core in the system and the SNAP compiler will do the rest.
SNAP is ideal for embedded SoCs targeted for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Wireless communications: 3G/4G basebands, WLAN, WiMax
  • Wired communications: residential gateways, wireless routers
  • Consumer electronics: PMP, MP3
  • Automotive: Control, Telematics

SNAP Architecture