EFM32 Gecko and Tiny Gecko available in QFP48 packages

EFM32 Gecko and Tiny Gecko available in QFP48 packages


Colin Holland

2/21/2011 11:39 PM EST

Energy Micro’s EFM32 Gecko and Tiny Gecko product lines are now available in the space-saving QFP48 package.  The smaller 48-pin ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontroller options will enable manufacturers to take device footprint down to 7mm x 7mm at a pin pitch of 0.5mm.

The QFP48 Gecko product offers the same range of low energy peripherals as its larger QFP100 packaged variant, including a multiple sensor interface, UARTs, LCD Controller, 12-bit ADC and AES encryption/decryption engine. 

Energy sensitive target applications for the device span smart metering, building automation, security systems and portable medical and lifestyle equipment.

The QFP48 packaged EFM32 Gecko and Tiny Gecko microcontrollers will be available from April 2011, and pricing starts at $1.41 each in 100k quantities.