LTC6801 – Independent Multicell Battery Stack Fault Monitor


– Independent Multicell Battery Stack Fault Monitor

  • Monitors Up to 12 Li-Ion Cells in Series
    (60V Max)
  • Stackable Architecture Enables > 1000V Systems
  • 1% Maximum Overvoltage Detection Level Error
  • Adjustable Overvoltage and Undervoltage Detection
  • Self Test Features Guarantee Accuracy
  • Robust Fault Detection Using Differential Signals
  • Simple Pin-Strapped Confi guration Allows Battery Monitoring without a Microcontroller
  • 15.5ms to Monitor All Cells in a System
  • Programmable Response Time
  • Two Temperature Monitor Inputs
  • Low Power Idle Mode
  • 36-Lead SSOP Package

LTC6801 Typical Application



The LTC6801 is a multicell battery monitoring IC incorporating a 12-bit ADC, a precision voltage reference, sampled comparator, and a high voltage input multiplexer. The LTC6801 can monitor as many as 12 series connected battery cells for overvoltage, undervoltage, and overtemperature conditions, indicating whether the cells are within specified parameters. The LTC6801 generates a clock output when no fault conditions exist. Differential clocking provides high noise immunity and ensures that battery stack fault conditions cannot be hidden by frozen bits or short circuit conditions.

Each LTC6801 can operate with a battery stack voltage up to 60V and multiple LTC6801 devices can be stacked to monitor each individual cell in a long battery string. When multiple devices are stacked, the status signal of each LTC6801 can be daisy-chained, without opto-couplers or isolators, providing a single status output for the entire battery string.

The LTC6801 is configurable by external pin strapping. Adjustable overvoltage and undervoltage thresholds support various Li-Ion chemistries. Selectable measurement times allow users to save power.



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