Microchip Expands 32-bit PIC® Microcontroller Portfolio With Additional Memory Options for Cost-Effective Ethernet, CAN and USB Connectivity


Microchip Expands 32-bit PIC® Microcontroller Portfolio

With Additional Memory Options

for Cost-Effective Ethernet, CAN and USB Connectivity

New Six-Member PIC32 Family Also Features Lower Power Consumption and

Higher Flash Endurance

CHANDLER, Ariz., Jan. 24, 2011 [NASDAQ: MCHP]

— Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today announced a new, six-member family of 32-bit PIC32MX5/6/7 microcontrollers that provides the same integrated Ethernet, CAN, USB and serial connectivity peripherals with new, more cost-effective memory options.

Additionally, design enhancements have been made that provide lower power consumption of 0.5 mA/MHz active current, higher Flash memory endurance of 20k read/write cycles and better EEPROM emulation capability.

And, by maintaining common pin outs, the PIC32 portfolio provides designers with a seamless migration path to achieve the correct balance of memory and cost for their high-performance applications.

Embedded designers are constantly looking for ways to lower their costs without sacrificing performance or functionality. Microchip’s newest 80 MHz PIC32 microcontroller family meets these needs by maintaining best-in-class performance of 1.56 DMIPS/MHz, and integrating Ethernet, CAN, USB and multiple serial communication channels, while offering more cost-effective memory options that start at $3.71 each in 10,000 unit quantities. Specifically, the family offers 32 Kbytes of RAM and up to 140 Kbytes of Flash.

“We are committed to building upon the success of the PIC32 portfolio by offering six new microcontrollers, each available in five different pin-compatible packages,” said Sumit Mitra, vice president of Microchip’s High Performance Microcontroller Division. “These new high-performance, connectivity-rich MCUs give our customers lower-cost memory options that support scalability and seamless migration with the rest of our growing 32-bit product line.”

“Microchip has maximized the raw performance of the MIPS32® M4K® core, while taking advantage of its high flexibility, to create a 32-bit microcontroller architecture that exceeds the requirements of demanding embedded designs,” said Art Swift, vice president of marketing and business development, MIPS Technologies, Inc. “Microchip is offering great value to designers through the price to performance ratio of this new PIC32 family, combined with its extensive set of integrated peripherals.”

Example applications for this new PIC32 family include:

 Communications (point-of-sale terminals, Web servers, multi-protocol bridges);

Industrial/Medical (automation controllers, medical devices, security monitoring);

Consumer/Appliance (audio, MP3 decoders, displays, small appliances, fitness equipment);

Automotive (aftermarket, car alarms, GPS).


Development Tools

The PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit (part # DM320004, $72) was designed to enable easy Ethernet-based development, and the PIC32 USB Starter Kit II (part # DM320003-2, $55) does the same for USB designs.

Owners of the Explorer 16 Development Board (part # DM240001) can purchase a $25 plug-in module for development with this new PIC32 family (part # MA320003).

Pricing & Availability

All six members of this new PIC32MX5/6/7 family are available today for sampling and volume production. Additionally, all six are available in 100-pin TQFP 12x12mm, TQFP 14x14mm and BGA packages, as well as 64-pin TQFP and QFN packages. 10,000 unit pricing ranges from $3.71 each for the PIC32MX534F064H, up to $4.93 each for the PIC32MX764F128L. For additional information, contact any Microchip sales representative or authorized worldwide distributor, or visit Microchip’s Web site at http://www.microchip.com/get/BWUC.



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