Arium Includes Intel XScale Processor in New ARM-Powered JTAG Emulator


Arium Includes

Intel XScale Processor in New ARM-Powered JTAG Emulator

12/17/2003 – American Arium, an industry leader in software debug and integration tool development, introduced the LC-500, Arium’s newest emulator for the ARM® market.

The LC-500, powered by an Intel® XScaleTM processor, offers superb run control and a number of unique features, including execution trace for Intel XScale processors and a JTAG rate of up to 20 MHz. Packaged with Arium’s flagship SourcePointTM 6.0 software interface, this debug solution supports full ARM and Thumb® instruction sets and is designed for use with today’s most popular compilers.

“The LC-500 offers a smaller, sleeker design package.

It literally fits in the palm of your hand,” said Jeff Acampora, vice-president, Sales & Marketing, “a nice bonus for developers working in cramped quarters.

More importantly, it is our first ARM-powered emulator.

Developing a tool that incorporates the kind of processor the developer will use on his or her board has given us new insight into debugging ARM-architecture targets. We used this experience to optimize our solutions for ARM developers.”

The LC-500, coupled with Arium’s flagship SourcePoint 6.0 debugger, offers developers exceptional run control, execution trace, optional SourcePointTM IDE, and multi-processor support. Accurate breakpoints combine with fast file and image downloads, rapid stepping, and a handy symbols finder to help improve debug cycle time. Execution trace allows SoC developers to debug problems fast, with the optional SourcePoint IDE feature giving users the option to debug their code “on the fly.” The LC-500/SourcePoint 6.0 solution introduces a number of other new features, including Linux host support. The emulator comes standard with USB 1.1 or Ethernet 10/100-Base-T connection ports. It supports the full instruction set for ARM7TM/ARM9TM, Intel XScale, and TI OMAPTM processors. No additional license charge is necessary to support various cores.

The LC-500 replaces Arium’s GS-1000 emulator.

Starting price, including SourcePoint debugger, is $4,000 in North America and is available now.

About American Arium
American Arium designs and manufactures emulators, reference boards, and related development tools for the ARM and Intel markets. Arium tools are used worldwide to debug software such as embedded applications, BIOS, device drivers, and OS kernels. American Arium is headquartered in California and sells its products directly and through a network of distributors worldwide.