TI Collaboration develops MCUs with ISO26262

Collaboration develops MCUs

with ISO26262 automotive safety conformance


Colin Holland

10/18/2010 12:22 PM EDT

Texas Instruments Inc and YOGITECH SPA (Pisa, Italy) are collaborating to accelerate ISO26262 enablement of 65-nanometer TMS570 safety microcontrollers (MCUs) which will make future TMS570 devices suitable for use in systems conforming to the upcoming safety standard for the automotive industry.

TI already has a proven functional safety development process based on its lockstep dual-core CPU ARM Cortex-R4 architecture. In May 2009, a functional safety assessment was performed by exida Consulting LLC, and the TMS570LS2x was found to meet the requirements of safety standard IEC 61508 SIL-3.

TI is a member of the International Working Group of ISO26262.

YOGITECH has expertise in fault detection, avoidance and tolerant techniques and is the owner of fRMethodology, a process flow allowing a safety oriented design exploration at SoC level thus providing quantification and validation of the HW architectural metrics and failure rates required for IEC61508 or ISO26262 certification.

It also holds a fault robust IP portfolio enabling and facilitating the compliance of electronic circuits to these functional safety norms.

TI and YOGITECH have been contributing to the development of functional safety standards, including collaboration on the guidelines for the application of ISO26262 for MCUs.