Imsys IM3220 Microprocessor


Imsys IM3220 Microprocessor

Posted by Ken Cheung in Microcontrollers on Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Imsys IM3220 MCU was designed and optimized for embedded applications. Imsys microcontrollers are faster, cheaper, and more power-efficient than complex, high-power, compute-oriented microprocessors that have been adapted to the embedded market. User programmable on-chip microcode enables Imsys MCUs to adapt efficiently to a broad range of embedded applications.

The IM3220 combines the best features of traditional CISC architectures and makes efficient use of resources with FPGA flexibility for a predefined application – time synchronization. It reduces the cost of the external (local) oscillator when high precision time is communicated by the IEEE 1588 protocol. The accuracy of the IM3220 comes from the ability to analyze and act on gate level in real-time. The IM3220 MCU supports two 10/100 Ethernet ports, three UARTs with 920 kbit/s, I2C or SPI port, and eight DMA channels with a sustained 83 MB/s throughput.

Block Diagram

Imsys IM3220 MCU Block Diagram


  • Deterministic Real-Time Operating System and power fail-safe file system
  • Supports C and Assembler programming
  • Advanced source level debugging and profiling
  • Accelerated IEEE 754 Floating Point arithmetic, single and double precision
  • The arithmetic core contains both ALU and Multiplier-Accumulator (8×8 and 32 bits, respectively)
  • Dual channel 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet MAC
  • Three UARTs, one I2C/SPI serial interface
  • Eight DMA channels with 83 MB/s sustained total data rate
  • Precise Timestamp Engine with IEEE 1588 support
  • API programmable IEEE 1588 v1 software stack included
  • Up to 18.5 Mbit/s sustained UDP throughput with 1 Hz synch rate
  • Hardware communication channel supporting synchronization frame rate up to 256 Hz
  • Software controlled PLL, Multiple power saving modes
  • Available as reference module with on-board memories and PSU

Pricing and Availability

  • IM3220-BA10 MCU is available now with a price of $16.58 in quantity of 10k.
  • IM3220-M210 module comes with 32 MB DRAM, 8 MB flash and clock circuitry and is available now at a price of $98.00 in quantity of 1k.


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