ALTERA — 5 Reasons to Put Your Processor on an FPGA


5 Reasons to Put Your Processor on an FPGA

Did you know that soft-core FPGA processors provide benefits where commercial off-the-shelf processors fall short?

Put a processor, such as the Nios® II embedded processor, on your FPGA and get:

  1. Design flexibility, with a customizable peripheral set
  2. Protection against processor obsolescence
  3. Support for multiple processors on a single chip
  4. Hardware acceleration capabilities
  5. Familiar software development tools

BeMicro Software Development Kit

BeMicro SDK

Featuring the Altera® Nios II processor, the BeMicro SDK is ready to run as soon as you plug it in to your PC. S

tart developing code right away.

The kit is fully supported with an open-source Eclipse-based integrated design environment, templates, and board support package.

Worldwide Workshops

Come to one of Arrow’s hands-on workshops to see how easy it is to work with the BeMicro SDK. You’ll learn more about Nios II processors, the hardware and software design flow, and the embedded software ecosystem. And, you’ll go home with your own BeMicro SDK.



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