Kinetis KL03 Chip-Scale Package (CSP)

The Kinetis KL03 chip-scale package (CSP) MCU

is the next world’s smallest ARM Powered® MCU

designed to support the latest innovation in smart, small devices.

Available in the ultra-small 1.6 x 2.0 mm² wafer-level CSP,

the Kinetis KL03 CSP (MKL03Z32CAF4R) reduces even more board space

while integrating even more rich MCU features than previously seen in the market.

The Kinetis KL03 CSP MCU consumes 35 percent less PCB area,

yet delivers 60 percent more GPIO than the nearest competing MCU.

The Kinetis KL03 family joins the Freescale Kinetis mini MCU portfolio,

allowing designers to dramatically reduce their board size without compromising the performance,

feature integration and power consumption of their end products.



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