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NXP Semiconductors ID community

Creating trusted smart life solutions


Creating trusted smart life solutions

Welcome to the NXP ID community website: an open platform for creating new identification solutions to enhance our increasingly ‘smart’ lifestyles.

This platform gives you the chance to make your voice heard by proposing, or contributing to the development of, exciting and innovative ID ideas. Who knows, you may even discover the next ‘killer’ application.

Our community is open to all. Even if you are not directly involved with ID technology, don’t let that stop you!

You might have special insight into an application that could benefit from ID technology. After all, our lives are affected by ID in almost everything we do, from checking our Facebook page to paying with our credit cards.

You can find out more about existing ID solutions on our ID campaign site. And as part of the ID community, you can share your own ideas, or discuss other new and interesting ideas.

So, what are your ideas for trusted smart life solutions?



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