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Video SoC targets megapixel IP camera market

Texas Instruments Inc. has unveiled a video processor that the company said features best-in-class

low-light technology for the megapixel IP camera market.

The the DaVinci DM369 video SoC enables video security manufacturers to leverage superior low-light technology to produce crisp, clear image quality, indicated the company.

Because the DM369 video SoC is also pin-to-pin compatible with the DM36x family of video processors, current TI customers can now easily extend their existing IP camera product lines to take advantage of the processor.

The video SoC provides customers with superior low-light performance at 2X the nearest competitor, noted TI.

A DM369-based IP camera has the capability to produce clear images in extremely low-light environments such as parking garages or dark alleys, enabling the user to capture a licence plate, a person’s face and other features that may help authorities solve a crime.

The camera can compress and transmit these noise filtered and dynamic range-enhanced videos in real time in a H.264/SVCT format.

TI’s scalable DM369 video SoC provides surveillance manufacturers with an ecosystem of tools and software, accelerating time to market.

The DM369 IP camera reference design includes schematics, layout and BOM to help customers re-use their investment in TI’s DaVinci video processors.

ONVIF-compliant, the DM369 IP camera reference design also makes it easy for customers to integrate their cameras with NVR and VMS systems.

Customers can also choose from TI’s ecosystem of sensor modules based on the market’s most popular sensors when designing their solution and taking it to market.

TI’s DaVinci DM369 IP camera reference design is available for $995.

Samples of TI’s DaVinci DM369 video SoC will be available at the end of April.


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