Fast Forward Your Next HD Video Camera Design

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

Affordable Innovation Series

Fast Forward Your Next HD Video Camera Design

The LatticeECP3 FPGA Family has the right features to easily implement a real time HD high video camera with fully integrated High Dynamic Range (HDR) image signal processing (ISP). With the HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit Lattice provides the complete system to dramatically speed your time to market.

  • Affordable Innovation Series DownloadThe kit implements a full HD 1080p60 HDR camera with HDI/DVI FPGA output and needs no external frame buffer for the lowest cost bill of materials.
  • The kit comes with licensable Intellectual Property, free schematics and layout files. The IP library contains more than 90 individual IP cores and provides complete sensor to display ISP support.
  • Watch the five-minute video to better understand the kit’s features and see the exceptional performance while demonstrating fast auto exposure and high quality auto white balance, all with greater than 120dB HDR.

Visit the "Lattice HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit" web page to explore the full range of the Lattice HDR video solution.



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