MAX2181A FM Automotive Low-Noise Amplifier


March 23, 2013

Reduce BOM and Cost with Programmable Attack Point and Gain
FM Automotive Low-Noise Amplifier

  • Integrated functions reduce BOM and cost
  • Integrated AGC eliminates external pin diodes
  • Provides high dynamic range and low-noise, with a sub 3dB noise figure
  • Enables design reuse

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ARM Core VR Solution and General I²C Controller
2-Phase/1-Phase, QuickTune-PWM Controller with Serial I²C Interface

  • Provides QuickTune architecture with fast transient and I²C control with 10mV VOUT resolution
  • Features ±5mV DC accuracy for 0.5V to 1.6V and low quiescent current (2mA)
  • Space-saving 24-pin, 4mm × 4mm package
  • Offers internal compensation and analog IMON pin

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