Silicon Labs, SIGFOX team on Internet of Things–SIGFOX-team-on-Internet-of-Things–SIGFOX-team-on-Internet-of-Things


Silicon Labs, SIGFOX

team on Internet of Things

Silicon Labs and SIGFOX have collaborated to bring a complete hardware and software package for creating embedded apps with wireless machine to machine and Internet of Things designs.

Silicon Labs’ EZRadioPRO wireless transceivers and SIGFOX’s Ultra-Narrowband (UNB) technology will make possible long-range wireless Internet connectivity solutions for a wide array of devices such as smart meters, patient monitors, security devices, street lights and environmental sensors.

EZRadioPRO transceivers offer industry-leading wireless performance, extended range and ultra-low power consumption for wireless networking applications operating in the sub-GHz band.

The SIGFOX Network provides a cost-effective solution for IoT and M2M services by employing a low-throughput RF communication technology that operates over unlicensed wireless spectrum.

According to Diwakar Vishakhadatta, vice president and general manager of Silicon Labs’ Embedded Systems business, the result is an extremely robust, power-efficient and scalable network that can communicate with millions of battery-operated devices in coverage areas of many square kilometers.

Already deployed in tens of thousands of connected objects, the SIGFOX wireless networking solution enables Internet connectivity for devices that would have been otherwise difficult or impractical to reach until now.



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