EE Times Virtual Conference Approaching Multicore


EE Times Virtual Conference:
Approaching Multicore

Parallelism is Coming to You

Processors with multiple cores are already being used for very high performance systems. With each passing quarter, an increasing number of applications are hitting the limits of what a single core can handle without burning up. Replicating very powerful, or even modest, processor cores can serve the needs of some applications. Many systems already include a hierarchy of general-purpose and specialized processors like digital signal processors (DSPs) or network processors and video accelerators to boost performance and optimize power. The right mix depends on the application. If you are not using Multi-Core architectures today, you may soon, so it is time to embrace them.

PrizesEE Times, the leading resource for design decision makers in the electronics industry, brings you the second in its Virtual Conference series titled Advances in Power Management. The unavoidable fact is that every electronic product—whether a micropower circuit or a large, line-powered system—needs a power source. Designers are more concerned than ever with issues of power sources, delivery, management, efficiency, and dissipation.