Maxim New Products

New Products

Industry’s Smallest Form Factor Solution Available for Embedded AC Measurement
Isolated Energy Measurement Processor for Load Monitoring Units

  • Smaller profile and lower cost than current/voltage transformers
  • Eliminates data isolation and extra power supply when using shunts
  • Complete solution includes preloaded measurement firmware

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Industry’s Only Isolated Data Converter That Does Not Require a Power Supply
Multichannel, Isolated, Precision ADC for MAX78xxx Energy Measurement Processors

  • Sense resistors and signal pulse transformer provide isolated current/voltage measurement
  • Smaller profile than using current and voltage transformers for galvanic isolation
  • Compatible MAX78xx host processor can sit in any power/ground domain, simplifying system architecture

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Industry’s Most Integrated Current-Limit and Overvoltage-Protection Solutions for Up to 40V and 1A
Adjustable Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protectors with High Accuracy

  • Saves space over competing solutions
  • Offers higher integration and higher reliability
  • Provides key functionality with programmable current limit switch and OVP

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Industry-Leading AM/FM LNA with Adjustable Gain Control Saves Space, Cost and Improves Functionality
AM/FM Car Antenna Low-Noise Amplifier

  • Handles battery voltage fluctuations
  • Small 4mm x 4mm, TQFN package saves space and cost
  • Offers design re-usability

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