Qualcomm preps ARM server SoCs–and they want to hire you



Qualcomm preps ARM server SoCs

–and they want to hire you

Rick Merritt  1/25/2013 4:58 AM EST

Qualcomm has posted job openings that make it clear it will join at least seven companies making 64-bit ARM server SoCs.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Add Qualcomm to the list of ARM server SoC designers.

The smartphone chip designer is advertising at least three software engineering jobs that clearly state its intentions.

Applicants will work on "architecture/design and system prototypes of Qualcomm’s new ARMv8-based server SOC ASICs for the power optimized server market," the ads say. "Primary responsibilities include specification, development, porting, integration and shakeout of server platform management software and firmware on prototypes utilizing Qualcomm’s new SOC."

The ARMv8 is a reference to ARM’s next-generation 64-bit capable instruction set architecture.

The ability to handle 64-bit addresses is key for server processors.

Qualcomm is at least the eighth company now known to be working on ARM server SoCs.

Others with announced or known plans include AMD, Applied Micro, Cavium, Calxeda, Marvell, Nvidia and Samsung.

Huawei posted job openings for ARM server engineers last year.

However, it was not clear if the company is designing systems, SoCs or both.

Texas Instruments rolled out ARM server SoCs, but is targeting "purpose-built" embedded systems, not data centers.

The companies known to be preparing ARM server chips generally aim to start shipping 64-bit SoCs in 2014.

Calxeda and Marvell are shipping 32-bit SoCs for servers today with limited traction, mainly in prototyping systems for Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Taiwan’s Mitac.

The Qualcomm software jobs appear to be mainly in Raliegh, N.C., although at least one also lists postings in Austin and San Diego, Qualcomm’s headquarters.

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