Intel C++ Compilers, parallelizing tools free for students

Intel C++ Compilers,


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Bernard Cole – January 7, 2013

Online at Intel’s Developer Zone, students at degree granting educational institutions who quality can get the company’s C++ compilers and a range of parallel programming tools free (as well as discounts on Fortran tools).

The free tools are available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS platforms and similar to their commercial versions.are serious tools for achieving high performance results with C++ programming through optimization, analysis and support for the latest standards.

The impressive package of free tools includes:

Intel C++ Composer XE
Intel C++ Compiler (highly optimizing compiler)
Intel Math Kernel Library (high performance math library)
Intel Threading Building Blocks (C++ tasking model, most popular C++ paralllelism method)
Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (multimedia primitives library)
Intel Advisor XE (modeling proposed methods to parallelize code)
Intel VTune Amplifier XE (non-intrusive performance analysis)
Intel Inspector XE (advanced threading and memory debugging)

For more information on such things as length of licences, go to the Tools FAQ.