How Lattice’s MachXO2 Dramatically Cut LED Lighting Control Costs

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How Lattice’s MachXO2 Dramatically Cut LED Lighting Control Costs

One of the many compelling uses of the Lattice MachXO2 has been in control-oriented applications as a microcontroller (MCU) peripheral.

As an example, a Lattice industrial lighting customer uses the MachXO2 as the control interface to a large number of LED modules, dramatically reducing overall system cost.

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  • The MachXO2 integrates the large number of IO-ports required by the design, reducing the cost per port dramatically over a MCU-only solution where additional expensive MCU IOs would be required.
  • The MachXO2 on-chip SPI bus and User Flash memory provides another level of integration that requires no programmable fabric- thus keeping the MachXO2 cost at a minimum.
  • The overall reduction in board space, lower MCU cost, power savings and User Data Flash integration is leveraged over many lighting modules in a typical installation and thus dramatically reduced overall system cost.

Download the “MachXO2 LED Lighting Case Study” to learn about the details of this innovative design approach.



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