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May 9, 2012
Tower Trivia: Which module has a magnetic personality?

Which Tower System module has a magnetic personality, operates with 3 phases, and can torque with the best of them? Despite its global use, this module wasn’t built in Washington “D.C.” or in the “polar” regions. Torqued yet? Answer this week’s question for a shot at winning a Tower System module. More »

eDevice HealthGO platform gets integrated connectivity

Freescale’s Steven Dean recently joined eDevice at the 17th Annual American Telemedicine Association (ATA) exposition where eDevice’s HealthGO product was announced. Developed using Freescale’s Home Health Hub (HHH) reference platform, the HealthGO supports remote patient monitoring. Read more about this fully customizable data aggregation platform that features universal connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB, cellular, Ethernet and PSTN. More »

Market Solutions

QorIQ P5 family goes quad-core

The QorIQ P5 family of control plane processors has expanded to include the quad-core P5040 and the dual-core P5021. Now supporting frequencies up to 2.4 GHz, this pin-compatible, scalable family targets compute-intensive and power-conscious control plane applications across enterprise networking, datacenter and aerospace and defense markets. More »

New baseband-to-antenna reference design for small cell base stations

The comprehensive baseband-to-antenna reference design combines the VortiQa Qonverge BSC9131 base station SoC with Freescale RF radio boards, and is a multi-protocol solution that scales across a range of cellular bands to ease the development transition from 3G to 4G LTE. The radio card contains the MMZ25332B and MMZ09312B GaAs MMIC power amplifiers and MML09211H/20211H low noise amplifiers. More »

VortiQa software: Improve data center performance and reliability

Tuned for Freescale’s high-performance PXS20, PXS30, PXD10, PXD20, PXN20 and PXR40 platforms, VortiQa intelligent traffic classification and load balancing (ITCL) software intelligently classifies and load balances application traffic to enhance performance and reliability of data center networks, while optimizing resource utilization and extending infrastructure investment. More »

32-bit PX series MCU parts now available

The PX Series provides unmatched performance, comprehensive enablement and ruggedized safety features for the most complex industrial control applications. The series of 32-bit microcontrollers built on Power Architecture® technology includes the PXS20, PXS30, PXD10, PXD20, PXN20 and PXR40 families. More »



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