Renesas the RX600 Series

RX CPU core:
High-speed, high-performance, and high-code-efficiency

The RX600 is the high-speed and high-performance series in the RX Family.
The series is positioned as the upward successor to the H8SX and R32C, the 32-bit families of Renesas MCUs. Already released are the RX610 Group suitable for photocopiers, laser beam printers, home audio systems, and so on, the RX621 Group and RX62N Group suitable for networking equipment with enhanced connectivity and fail-safe functions, and the RX62T Group suitable for energy-saving motor and other inverter control applications.

The RX630 Group suitable for consumer electronics and office equipment, and the RX63N and RX631 Groups suitable for networking and industrial applications, all with 90% reduced power consumption at standby.

The RX63T Group has joined the RX Family. RX63T Group is a part of the smallest pin package lineup and controls small motor with inverter, best suited for consumer/industrial applications.

The RX62G Group has PWM output function which achieves high resolution (max. 312.5 psec).

The combination of high resolution PWM output function and high CPU performance of RX core achieved higher accuracy of inverter/converter control.

Looking forward, Renesas will enhance the RX600 Series by reinforcing the memory, packages, and peripheral functions focusing on a variety of applications.

High speed: 100 MHz;

high performance: 165 DMIPS@100 MHz (1.65 DMIPS/MHz)

Built-in multiply-divide unit, multiply-and-accumulate unit, and single-precision floating point unit (FPU)

Benchmark Test




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